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How Effective Are Solar Powered Cars?

First, in fact is, "What may be a solar energy car?" within the simplest of terms, it's an electrical car, but rather than plugging in, the electricity springs for solar power panels that are attached on to the highest of the car.

The photovoltaic (PV) solar power panels capture the energy and convert it into electricity.

Right now, solar powered cars aren't created for long distances, and that they do require tons of direct sunlight to work correctly. The solar power panels that capture the sun's rays transfer any additional energy not needed for immediate operation into batteries within the vehicle. There, the electric power is stored for later use. With our current technology, the batteries can only store alittle amount of additional electricity, and easily aren't powerful enough to run a vehicle for love or money aside from a brief distance.

So...the short answer to "How effective are solar powered cars?"... immediately is "Not effective enough."

As technology evolves, however, solar powered cars hold one among the simplest answers to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, also because the size of our environmental footprint.

Vehicles are the second largest source of greenhouse emission , falling just behind coal-burning power plants. the most important contributor, in both arenas, is that the us . The us contributes 1.5 billion plenty of CO2 annually through automobile engines, and 2.5 billion tons through coal-burning power plants.

The us , being the most important offender, with only 4% of the world's population, isn't viewed because the environment's strong defender. Despite having the technology to form significant change, and to form a true contribution to the answer , there has been little forward progress.

Automobile and energy industries have lobbied long and hard to resist further legislation or incentives that might really produce tangible results. As a result, gas-hogging SUV's and other large vehicles still maintain a robust hold on the American market.

Solar power cars within the us are currently developed nearly exclusively for race cars. The cockpits are deliberately kept small, and therefore the vehicles light. The solar power panels that are used on these cars costs many thousands of dollars. Their technology, however, clearly shows their capability...they can run fast and produce absolutely no pollution. This includes no sound pollution because the panels work silently in collecting and storing energy.

Globally, within the previous couple of years, there are a couple of solar energy cars built that are to be used by the overall public. These cars are generally what's called a SPEV, or solar powered electrical vehicle. Most are small, one person vehicles suitable for brief commutes - back and forth to figure or to the grocery . One notable advance, however, is within the solar powered five-door Blue Car hatchback, which may be a fully electric vehicle with solar panels being produced in Europe. The ad in states: "The solar panels on the vehicle's roof provides some power to the vehicle's systems. It comes with regenerative brakes and a Lithium Metal Polymer batteries, and features a range of 155 miles per charge. consistent with the manufacturer, all the materials within the construction are sourced to be as environmentally friendly as possible."

Similarly, the Toyota Prius, an electrical hybrid car, has added an optional solar roof which will add power for a vehicle for about 20 miles. While this might seem a really small contribution, every additional solar "mile" operated makes a bigger contribution to our carbon footprint.

Since solar powered cars work without burning fossil fuels, they create a really viable solution to the energy crisis. to not oil changes, no tune-ups. don't need to take them certain an emissions check...ever.

As a rustic once we plan to invest through our purchases and our voice...and to insist that our representatives within the House and Senate invest with solar energy , we diminish our carbon footprint.

Solar power cars can...and will become...more effective and more economical as we support the technology, and demand on research and development to further their development.

Timothy Peters may be a renewable energy enthusiast and author. He lives in Spokane, WA and enjoys teaching others the way to economize on their utility bill and to assist the earth through solar power . If you would like to seek out out more information on solar energy cars [], then inspect his site at: []

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