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Hydrogen Powered Cars - The Fuel-Efficient Cars

Standing on the phase where the fuel depletion is that the major problem of all country, Hydrogen Powered cars had come as blessing. Hydrogen Powered Cars are now denoted as cars of the longer term though it's invention are often traced back in past. In 1807 Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed the primary Hydrogen car but it had some problem and not even patented. Many experiments were taken during this field from then on and eventually in 1970 Paul Dieges patented the invention.

Some of the Hydrogen Powered Cars use hydrogen cell while some have converted gasoline powered combustion engine. Fiberforge manufactured the earliest Hydrogen Powered Car; they called it as "Revolution". Experiment came out as a way of manufacturing ultra-lightweight automobiles using carbon composites. But it too faced many problems. They realized that they need to scale back the load of the car for better fuel mileage.

There are many big companies in market who want to require advantage of this fuel crisis. Audi, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, BMW are just few companies who are getting to launch Hydrogen Powered Cars. BMW HR2 claims to be "world's fastest hydrogen car" exceeding 185mph. It doesn't operate cell . It uses modified 6-litre, 12 cylinder combustion engine for its propulsion. While Honda claims to form more efficient cell car which will go 220 miles before it need next refueling as compared to 90 miles per tank limit for the Mercedes. Mercedes F600 Hygenius Concept Car is powered by hydrogen cell and uses regenerative braking to recapture energy and recharge batteries.

In 2005 Honda gave first glimpse of Hydrogen Powered car, FCX, which wasn't quite a prototype. The car was never placed within the market. Honda is now coming with its new FCX Clarity, which runs on hydrogen and electricity, with light weight and more interior room. they're getting to place quite 200 cars on road in coming three years. John Mendel, executive vice chairman at America Honda Motor Company, called on this occasion "an especially significant day for American Honda as we plant firm footsteps towards the most streaming of cell cars."

Pros and cons: -

Hydrogen Powered Cars are fuel-efficient cars. energy of hydrogen converted in fuel power in internal engine because it reacts in cell with oxygen. Hydrogen fuel is energy carrier and not the source. Electrolysis of water is getting used to supply fuel. the sole by product it give is water. Thus it's eco-friendly with zero emission. it'll economize on fuel and also lessen our dependence on OPEC. it'll increase car performance also as mileage . And to market these cars, buyers will receive nice tax benefit .

The Hydrogen Powered Cars face some challenges too. The consumers need to pay huge amount to posses one among these cars. Therefore manufacturers need to use less costly technology without ignoring the security measures. There need to be adequate refueling stations in order that consumers don't face any problem. California is that the leading country in building refueling stations. 20% of the cars manufactured by America are purchased by Californian.

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