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What is HHO

What is HHO

HHO is Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen. How does the HHO system work? When the HHO systems splits water (H2O) into its components the h2o to HHO conversion takes place. HHO is additionally referred to as Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, and fuel . The electrolysis of water produces a burnable Green Gas. HHO may be a green gas that's the wave of the longer term . HHO auto conversion creates a hybrid car, which are now water powered cars using the technology of HHO.

The HHO gas generator for cars is an environmentally friendly car modified with HHO technology, which allows users to extend their mileage, economize on gasoline, costs and drastically reduces car emissions. An HHO water hybrid car uses the HHO gas to help combustion. So if you're asking the question, does HHO add cars, the solution is yes, HHO technology for a waterpower car dramatically increases you miles per gallon. HHO as a fuel also reduces pollution , decreases oil imports and fuel consumption, reduces the deficit and produce American jobs. If a mere 10% of automobiles nationwide were powered by an HHO gas equipment , regulated air pollutants would be cut by a million tons per annum and 60 million plenty of the greenhouse emission CO2 would be eliminated. HHO springs from a renewable source, water, thus the emissions are going to be nothing but water vapour you cannot get more environmentally friendly than that.

HHO is fuel . HHO Systems are known to assist an engine run cleaner with less carbon buildup. A water-powered car improves emissions with a rise in horsepower, which equates to fewer trips to the gasoline station . With today's gas prices, most are trying to find alternative car fuel. you'll build your own HHO converter and make your car a hybrid car. once you build your own HHO systems converter it'll hook up with the 12 Volts of your battery via the switch to create HHO generator could take 10 minutes or less to attach . HHO makes the engine run quieter and it stops knocking or "pinging". The water changes the combustion cycle into a more even or "round" cycle. This happens immediately upon installation of the HHO converter kit, and from that moment on, your engine works during a new way. Using hydrogen in cars creates less noise, less vibration, leading to reduced strain on the transmission (thus smoother gear shifts), cleaner pistons and valves, and usually better engine operation. The more you study all this HHO cell stuff, the more you'll see how beneficial it's not only to your cost for fuel, but also for the environment.

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